About Us

Designermask.boutique is a small family run, international business created just for you at this changing time of our lives across the world. Our masks started their lives being made especially for key health care workers. We loved them so much we thought we’d offer them to you.

Erica Gilby is our resident mask creator. She makes every single mask lovingly by hand. Erica started her work on this project by making masks and scrub bags for key health workers in her local areas where she lives in Ontario, Canada. Her craftship and attention to detail are second to none.

Chris Waterman is the brains behind bringing our masks to the UK. He has various other items handmade by Erica throughout the year and just loves her work and her skill.

Kerry King designed the website and manages the logistics of despatching the gorgeous masks to you.

Kate King helps with all our admin where needed.